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Limbus Contour v1.8 Highlights

Addressing clinical needs in the release of version 1.8 with brand new structure models

Limbus Contour v1.8 Highlights

Note: Limbus v1.8 is currently available in select countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific.  Availability in other markets is pending regulatory body clearance or notification.  For more information, please contact us


Big news for Limbus Contour users: Limbus AI, now part of Radformation, is excited to announce the release of version 1.8. This update brings a wealth of new features and improvements to help you streamline your pre-plan workflow. 

Here’s what’s new:

  • Expanded anatomical coverage: Version 1.8 boasts over 100 new models including  93 new CT structures and 10 new MR structures, giving you more flexibility and to meet your unique clinical needs. Specifically, we’ve developed new models to support gynecological brachytherapy, ESTRO breast lymph node volumes, cardiac substructuring, and prostate CBCT.
  • Enhanced model performance: We've retrained 26 models to ensure they deliver the most accurate, clinic-ready results. 
  • Software improvements: Alongside the new models, you'll also benefit from numerous software updates that optimize performance and usability, including enhanced handling of off-center patients, larger patient tilt tolerance, automatic export folder cleanup, and more.

Gynecological Brachytherapy Models

In the latest version of Limbus Contour, we address the need for GYN brachytherapy models. We are proud to be an industry first in offering a collection of new CT and MR models trained on a variety of applicators, including ring, cylinder, ovoid, and Venezia, as well as with and without interstitial needle placement. Dozens of clinics provided valuable feedback and diverse data to help make these models robust across sites for time-sensitive and variable workflows. The time savings benefit of HDR brachytherapy models has been validated by several sites with publications underway.


ESTRO Breast Lymph Node Models

We've listened to your feedback and are excited to announce the addition of ESTRO-compliant breast lymph node volumes. These models are offered in various structure combinations to address the subtle variations in clinical practice. Our RTOG breast lymph node models will remain as options.


Cardiac Substructure Models

The heart is inherently complex, and standard imaging used for radiation treatment planning presents challenges in reliably visualizing the substructures. In order to facilitate accurate cardiac dose calculations and quantify radiation-related cardiotoxicities, delineation of the cardiac substructures is imperative. Fortunately, seven new cardiac substructure models are now offered in addition to the eight previously released models, and we are committed to the development of several more. Our cardiac substructure models will facilitate more precise estimation of cardiac doses and guide the development of risk models.



Prostate CBCT Models

Limbus Contour's initial CBCT models are set to aid the advancement of adaptive radiotherapy workflows using existing CBCT hardware. Several research partners have evaluated these models in various workflows and validation results are currently awaiting publication.

  • Bladder_CBCT
  • Femur_Head_L_CBCT
  • Femur_Head_R_CBCT
  • LN_Pelvics_CBCT
  • Prostate_CBCT
  • Rectum_CBCT
  • SeminalVes_CBCT

Optic Structure Model Improvements 

Among many improvements in existing structure models, one notable model change worth highlighting focuses on the optic structures. The chiasm and optic nerves are typically sensitive to neck tilt and flexion, which can create gaps between these structure outputs. Our retrained chiasm and optic nerve models have been refined in this latest release to ensure more consistent connections.  Additionally, we have introduced a combined optic pathway structure for improved clinical workflow.


Alongside the new models, you'll also benefit from numerous software updates that optimize performance and usability, including enhanced handling of off-center patients, larger patient tilt tolerance, automatic export folder cleanup, and more.



Forward Momentum

Limbus Contour v1.8 packs in clinical efficiencies from multiple angles. It highlights debut models that bring automation to brachytherapy, comply with ESTRO breast guidelines, assist cardiac dose calculations, and support adaptive workflows.

In addition, this latest version fulfilled a number of your clinical priorities. We've incorporated your feedback to deliver this transformative update, addressing key user requests. This was made possible by all of our clinical collaborators who shared valuable expertise and data, as well as the contributions of each member of the Limbus AI team. Our commitment remains steadfast as our collective efforts at Radformation are driven by the same vision of developing automated solutions that meaningfully benefit patients undergoing radiation therapy.


“Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and

collaboration wonderful things can be achieved."

-Mattie Stepanek
American Poet

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