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ROCC Reshapes Its Workflows via Automation with Radformation Partnership

Radformation announces Centers of Excellence program and introduces its first partnership.

Radformation is proud to announce a new clinical partnership with Radiation Oncology Centers of the Carolinas (ROCC; Charlotte, NC).

As Radformation’s portfolio of intelligent automation and AI-driven solutions continues to grow, it is exciting to witness many customers incorporating a number of our technologies. ROCC is among the first to adopt the full suite of Radformation’s efficiency solutions. With a user base that has grown to over 1,000 cancer centers globally, the adoption of automated software has broadened and deepened. Users are effectively redesigning their workflows and experiencing a compounding effect in terms of clinical and operational benefits as a result. This effect underscores the transformative power of innovative clinical technologies.

In order to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the oncology community, we are excited to announce the creation of our Radformation Centers of Excellence program, with Radiation Oncology Centers of the Carolinas being the first to join. Our customers and community can now reference and leverage the clinical experience of a trusted department and gain insights on best practices for any of Radformation’s automation solutions.

“We are very happy to be a key technology partner for ROCC as they continue to elevate care through the extensive use of Radformation technologies, enabling clinical and operational improvements for their staff and patients,”

- Radformation Chief Revenue Officer Joe Ianni


The physics department at ROCC is headed by David Cameron, MS, DABR. In addition to his clinical duties, he is President/CEO of HLP|HannLeb Physics, a consulting group based out of Charlotte, NC. We discussed the partnership from his perspective.



Tell us about Radiation Oncology Centers of The Carolinas.

ROCC serves the Charlotte, NC metro with two facilities in Matthews and Lake Norman. Combined, both sites treat between 80-90 patients per day on two linear accelerators, with a third accelerator to be added in early 2022. These sites share a commitment to excellent patient care. ROCC is on the leading edge for implementing advanced technologies and workflow automation, all the while providing a personal touch that our patients have enjoyed for over 30 years. This unique combination of a highly accessible, family-like feel and top-notch quality of care is what defines ROCC and sets it apart.

cropped-HLP_icon_logoWhat is HLP|HannLeb Physics?

HLP is a consulting group that provides physics and dosimetry to multiple sites. We provide acceptance, commissioning, clinical physics, dosimetry, linac vault design, accreditation, and radiation safety support. We custom-design solutions to meet the needs of each clinic we serve. No matter the size and scope of our engagement, we will provide top-notch, reliable service.

Why is Radformation a good fit for ROCC? For HLP?

Integrating workflow and accuracy was a significant factor in why Radformation was a good fit. It all started with the one-click printing solution that Radformation offered with ClearCheck. It then moved into other tools to drive efficiency (ClearCalc, Autocontour, QuickCode). Reducing clicks and streamlining clinical tasks is critical, and we believe automation is the best path forward in that regard. And after all, our goal at HLP is to cultivate innovation in medical physics through integration and automation. So in our consulting work, we integrate Radformation software at our sites to streamline and standardize our offerings. They offer to get new sites up and running quickly with efficiency solutions; it’s a huge value-add.

What sets HLP and ROCC apart?

In my opinion, the biggest thing is we are pushing the limit on physics. Yes, we are a part of the MedPhys 3.0 movement but we are eager to pursue the next generation, too. At ROCC and more than 20 other clinical sites, we specialize in all treatment modalities and we are geared towards integrated physics. We’re not only focused on current operations, we’re looking forward to the next generation of physics.


To get in touch with David Cameron about his experience with Radformation’s automation offerings or regarding physics consulting services, contact him at


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