World Cancer Day: Closing the Care Gap with Radformation

Take a trip around the world with Radformation for World Cancer Day.

This year’s World Cancer Day theme is Close the Care Gap. At Radformation, this is at the heart of our mission and purpose in the solutions we design. Take a trip with us around the world to hear our team members' perspectives on how Reformation plays a role in closing the care gap.



"During my 15 years in cancer clinics, it felt like there was never enough time and resources to help with the rising number of cancer cases. But now with Radformation’s automation and AI solutions, I am able to help empower cancer centers to treat more patients effectively in less time."

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"Simplifying and automating workflows enables clinics to put the patient at the center of attention. In addition, AI tools reduce clinical variability and increase the quality of treatments, enabling more personalized care based on patient needs."

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"At Radformation, we take pride in closing the cancer care gap through innovative technologies tailored to each region's unique needs. Our solutions play a pivotal role in improving accessibility to advanced cancer treatments, ensuring patients receive personalized, high-quality care. On a global scale, Radformation leads the way in advancing cancer care with cutting-edge tools and resources that empower healthcare professionals. Being part of this team enables me to contribute to addressing the challenges of cancer treatment variability worldwide."

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"During the last 18 years in the clinic, I felt I could help around 2000 patients a year, one patient at a time. Now through Radformation modules, and engaging with cancer centers in the DACH region and LATAM, I multiplied my reach and can help professionals and patients alike with improved workflows, AI, and automation that free up quality time and resources to focus on what matters!"

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📍Australia (but currently in Thailand!)

"Radformation’s solutions can help improve the quality of cancer care in emerging markets. Our solutions can help centers in these markets bridge the technology gap and offer all patients, regardless of geography, the best possible cancer care available."

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"In our Canadian clinics, we're truly making a difference with Radformation's specialized software. It's not just about technology; it's about how we're using it to transform cancer treatment, making it more efficient and precise, and really closing the care gap for our patients."

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"By optimizing workflows through automation, Radformation is quickly raising patient care standards in radiation oncology by making treatments safer and faster on a global scale."

Kyle Ogrady

"My time in the clinic taught me just how important standardization is if you want to successfully leverage the benefits of automation. ClearCheck templates can be a powerful tool in your toolkit to build up the standardization necessary to reap the full rewards afforded by automation in your clinic."

Lukas Van Dyke

"With the number of cancer cases continuing to rise year-over-year across the globe, automation like those provided by Radformation's software help ensure clinicians can plan, QA, and deliver, high-quality treatment plans to more patients than ever."

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📍United States (California)

"From start to finish, Radformation products help our customers streamline and standardize the planning processes. Whether it’s using customized templates in products like AutoContour and ClearCheck or using EZFluence to automate 3D plans, this standardization eliminates variations in nomenclature, plan quality, and plan evaluation. This helps clinicians to identify potential errors faster and ultimately improve patient care."

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📍United States (South Dakota)

"From Boulder to Boston to Belgium, Radformation has brought standardized workflows to streamline cancer care for many clinics of different sizes. All the products offer products that unify the treatment process and allow flexibility for each patient's individual needs. By bringing Radformation to Boulder, we were able to streamline workflows, allowing patients to get treated faster without sacrificing safety and quality. Now, I can teach and share with clinics the fantastic possibilities that standardization and automation can bring to their community in the Northeast region. Radformation has done an incredible job of working with many countries' regulation bodies to bring that same standardization and automation to so many places across the globe. It has been amazing to see how Radformation has revolutionized how the world treats cancer."

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📍United States (New York)

"I have the opportunity to engage with cancer clinics around the world, and while there are differences, one common theme emerges; there are not enough resources to deliver optimal care for patients. Radformation’s automation and AI solutions give valuable time back to experts around the world focused on caring for their patients."


📍United States (Texas)

"Growing up in Texas, you know just how spread out things can be. Radformation gives remote dosimetrists and physicists the same accessibility and ease of use, regardless of their physical presence."

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